BBS GameTime is the place for Classic ANSI BBS Games!

Many years ago I operated a BBS called “Scooby’s Doo BBS”. During it’s prime it was home to hundreds of loyal users. But as technology grew, the users called less often. Eventually I took the BBS offline.

So why start up a new BBS now? I’ve come to find that there are many BBS’s still operating and new systems continue to go up. The old message networks are still around and there are many new and active ones. BBS software continues to be developed and improved. There are even people writing new door games for BBS’s.

So I got the bug once again to become a Sysop. In a hurry to get started I set up a board called “The FreeSpeak”, which was the name of a phpBB that I ran a few years ago. As the board progressed it was apparent that games were the focus the BBS, so I separated the games from the main BBS and called it “BBS GameTime”. I grew tired of referring to “BBS GameTime on The FreeSpeak BBS” so everything was renamed to BBS GameTime.