• Gottlieb Woodrail Stage Coach ball release

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    Have a Stage Coach I am repairing and it has a couple issues which have me stumped.
    Looking for some possible clues where to look or even what I should check in circuit if anyone has a schematic.
    The main issue is the ball release stays energised until the game scores 1 point ( seperate scoring system) and then 10,000.
    This means that potentially you can play multiple balls and accrue 10,000s and 100,000s until you cross one of the point rollovers at the bottom of the game which isnt that easy to do.
    Also the gobble holes and outhole do not score until the ball release is de activiated and the game stops allowing balls to be released from the trough.
    I am pretty sure the ball release coil is supposed to drop out when 10,000 is scored as it is on most games of this era.
    I have been through the whole game and all the 10,000 circuit looks ok.
    The other issue is the game does not reset the 10,000 correctly.
    It does reset but stops on random point scores (20,000, 30,000 etc) but rarely at zero.
    Any help much appreciated.
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