• WTB: Granny and the Gators, Hardbody, Diamond Lady, Attila theHun/Captain Hook, Strikes N' Spares, Viper, Bounty Hunter, or Saratoga

    From Sprikers@sprikers@gmail.com to rec.games.pinball on Tuesday, August 04, 2020 00:02:48
    From Newsgroup: rec.games.pinball

    List of titles I'm seeking. LEADS APPRECIATED
    Curious if it's possible to get SnS or Hardbody for decent, realistic prices anymore?

    Working games are fine.
    Projects are preferred.
    Total basket cases and dump fodder will be considered for certain titles.

    Just missed out on a GATG for FREE that was taken to the dump last month. I have all the spare boards needed for one. Rebuilding cabinets is easy.

    Saw an Attila recently non-working for a ridiculous price. A nonworking, belt-sanded Attila isn't worth 1k.

    Am I dreaming, or is this still a reasonable request?

    Saratoga is indeed the 1940s woodrail.
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