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    On Monday, August 5, 2019 at 1:27:35 AM UTC-4, John Robertson wrote:
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    Hello all,
    This is my first post in RGP. Hopefully this doesn't tick anyone off, but I'm from the land of Pinside, however my leads have all come to dead ends.

    I've browsed RGP only a handful of times and usually just for information on rare machines. Never really looked into the tech stuff here. As a background I started collecting and restoring pinball machines about 3 years ago after my dad was killed. My basement gameroom is a recreation of his living room. I have worked a lot on games so far but I'd definitely put myself in the novice category. I prefer the mechanical parts of pinball versus the board repair and schematics parts, although I'm trying to learn those too.

    [MAIN ISSUE:]Cutting to the chase, I've got an Orbitor 1 without spinning bumpers. I have some bits and pieces, such as a single motor, a single bracket with opto, and 2 different double axles.
    I'm aware these spinners are unobtainium, however, hopefully there is a wise old tech out there who has either rebuilt one of these motors or completely replaced them? I am up for ANY suggestion. I will mill a new housing if a new motor substitute exists and will suffice.

    If some blessed individual has a spare they would sell me that would be incredible. Any and all help is appreciated.

    Yeah, that is a job and a half you have for yourself!

    Every now and then someone will scrap the game, so first I'd put a
    search on eBay and then save the search so you get notices when the item
    you want is listed.

    Then post a note every few months - or bump this note or repost it - as different folks will see it.

    I've been searching for various things for decades, and the above helps
    a lot in finding.

    Next, if in a bit more of a rush, you will need to get friendly with
    someone with the game who is willing to work with you to sample the
    parts you are missing so you can make mock-ups. Visit Smooth-on (&
    youtube videos) of various casting processes to figure out how to remake rubber like parts.

    Lots of research!

    Good hunting, and unfortunately I don't think I have any parts for the spinners - but if you send me photos of what you have I can scan my
    Stern junk box on the off chance I have some bits and pieces to match.

    John :-#)#

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    Just an update for all you RGP folks. Prototype boards are being produced now. Biggest issue is the optos, may have to switch to a voltage-sensing design instead.
    Lots of progress made including acquired a NOS Rotor assembly. Only part needed now is the flipper brackets. The Rotor replacements are waiting on the successful reproduction of sensor boards.
    Hopefully with the competent folks working with me, there will be promising developments and a full prototype set ready by the end of 2020!
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