• Easy Bally (and others) flipper base plate position on new playfield

    From Joseph 'Tony' Dziedzic@tony@dziedzic.us to rec.games.pinball on Monday, July 20, 2020 05:23:51
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    Here's a little trick when installing a flipper base plate on a new (reproduction) playfield. I like to get the bushing exactly centered in the hole where the bushing passes through the playfield, but it can be a challenge to get the alignment just right when working from the bottom of the playfield. (Forget about the dimples on the rear of the playfield, those rarely line up exactly.)
    Take an 03-7066 coil sleeve and wrap two layers of thin blue painter's tape around the non-flanged end. Insert that end into the playfield's flipper bushing hole from the TOP of the playfield until the end of the sleeve is flush with the bottom of the playfield. The sleeve should be a snug fit in the hole; if not, add an extra layer or two of tape as necessary.
    When the flipper shaft bushing is inserted into the coil sleeve, the sleeve will hold the bushing centered in the hole, and the base plate will be held in the correct position to be screwed to the bottom of the playfield. Remove the sleeve when done and re-use it for the next flipper assembly.
    Joseph "Tony" Dziedzic
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