• Re: Betabrite: anyone have firmware version 10364001e?

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    Resurrecting an old post, but hoping someone has the bin file for the 1036-4001E firmware for the betabrite signs they can post/e-mail.

    I have the C, and have used it to save a sign, but figured the E was worth a shot to try to squash some strange bugs.

    Anyone out there with it willing to share?

    going to put it on a Stern PoTC


    On Friday, May 14, 2010 at 9:44:26 PM UTC-4, DugFreez wrote:
    This Betabrite sign "Arrrr...it's drivin' me nuts!" as the pirate
    in the joke would say.
    I had some glitchy problems with it before I even hooked it into my Spider-Man. Now I have it hooked up and it's worse than I expected. It displays the Stern Spiderman info (message S) and the tournament info (message T) but it will only display 1 custom message (A) instead of 2 costume messages.
    If the pinball machine is on or has had it's info dumped onto the
    sign....it won't let me add ANY additional messages. it will only list
    S and T and won't let me add another. Even to add or edit the first
    custom message I have to wipe the signs memory and put the message in
    BEFORE I power the machine on.
    As I said it was acting glitchy before I even hooked it up. I'm
    hoping a firmware upgrade will correct these issues. My sign is
    running 10364001c and Tim N was kind enough to send me the next
    version of the firmware 10364001d. I know there is a 10364001e but I
    haven't been able to find it anywhere on the internet.
    Does anyone have a firmware version that is 10364001e (or possibly
    newer)? Anyone with this firmware chip willing to make a dump to
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