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    On Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 4:15:41 PM UTC-4, Shmuel wrote:
    Like all ST25 games mine has the shorted out chase lights. I repaired
    the driver board, simple fix, by replacing the 2 ICs (about $2 in
    parts). I also repaired the light string by using electrical tape to
    better insulate the common +12V wire. When it was all working I
    decided it wasn't that pretty after all... it seems the electrical
    tape blocked some of the light.

    My solution:

    I called a rope light manufacturer in China and had them build me a 4-
    wire, 12V roll of blue "super chasing" lights with a +12V positive
    common ground. Of course the minimum quantity was huge, so now I
    guess I'm in the "pinball mod" business.

    The new lights are fantastic. They are super bright. The rope light
    is clear and about double the original diameter. Although larger, it
    does fit perfectly under the lip of the ramp and does not appear
    bulky. The clear rope light tube is much nicer looking than the
    original blue.. when lit the blue lights really stand out. I reckon I
    can make about 20 light rope sets. If you are not good at soldering
    I'll even patch your board up for you like new.

    Anyway, just trying to figure out if there is any interest. Email me
    if you want a set. I'm thinking I'll sell them for about $125 for the
    set and $50 if you want me to rebuild your board. Sorry they are so
    pricey.. I had to pay a hefty tooling charge to get the rope lights
    made to spec and have the roll shipped. Yes $50 is pricey to solder
    in 2 chips..but this isnt my day job and anything less I can't be bothered... unless you're a cute girl and willing to go on a date with me..then it's free.

    If you still have the parts, there are probably a lot of customers out there with the Pin getting older and many removing these chase lights. Please email me if you have any of the parts left. I can do soldering if you are not interested in putting anymore time into this. If you don't have the parts and know who you had create them, I might try to see if I can get enough people interested to bulk order again.
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