• Gottlieb Majorettes EM issues

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    A couple days ago I posted about some issues with my 1964 Gottlieb Majorettes machine. I was receiving some very helpful responses. But, suddenly, I started getting messages in my email that responses were undeliverable. So, rather than continue with that thread, I am starting over. Please pardon what is essentially a repost.
    Majorettes has ten bumpers, five yellow and five red. Each bank numbered 1 through 5. To light the target and rollovers for add-a-ball specials, you must light each bank in numerical order. This is what is not working. When you hit a bumper they don't light up, the score values don't change (from 1 point unlit to 10 points lit), the sequence is not engaged, and consequently the specials don't light.
    I have found the banks of red and yellow bumper relays under the play field. When the game is started, they appear to reset fine. But if I activate a bumper, nothing happens. There is no movement of any kind in the switches. Oddly enough, when activating the #1 bumper, the lights behind the majorette on the right side of the back glass go on and off. I have no idea if this is supposed to happen or not.
    In addition, according to the schematic, the "P" relay is the series relay. I cannot find that relay anywhere. Most of the relays are labeled, but a few have lost their labels. Can anyone tell me where this is located?
    I am a complete novice when it comes to working on pinball machines, but figure I better learn since I've got three old Gottliebs. I appreciate any assistance members of the group have to offer.
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