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    On Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at 9:22:45 PM UTC-4, Zap wrote:

    I have a Model E that I am converting into a Model H. The release
    solenoid has a small arm, not the rocker arm assembly, and an extra
    ball count switch just below the release arm, as if it will count how
    many balls go by before is cuts power to the solenoid. My problem is
    that I don't see where that switch gets wired to on the current Model
    E control or on a Model H control (the current wiring harness was
    damaged by the previous owner's dog), and I'm not sure how the dip
    switches would be set using the single ball release vs. the rocker arm (which doesn't need a ball count switch below it) once I convert it to
    a Model H. I was hoping that "missing" page had the answers.

    Can you shed some light?


    how do you change the amount of balls played from 8 to 9 or more
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