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    Hello all!

    Take a break from the internet's automated madness. Slow down,
    sit back and log into one of the BBSes advertised in this group.

    Before HTTP, WWW, WAIS, Gopher, Archie, or any of the internet stuff
    people take for granted now, BBSes were moving people's messages and
    files. We still do WITHOUT the spam. We do it without the glitz.
    We are real people at the keyboards -- not autoresponder robots!

    Never done it before? Need help? JUST ASK! Almost any BBS you
    call into will have a System Operator (SysOp) that would be happy
    to help you navigate the BBS environment.

    Best regards,
    SysOp, Sursum Corda! BBS
    Huntsville, AL - USA
    Traditional Dial-Up: 256-895-4786
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