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    Some great tunes and new artists can be found by noting the
    tunes that are played on tv shows. One particular tune was
    featured on NCIS (S16 E5, Oct 13 2018) ..but I think I only saw
    the re-run only about a year or two later. The tune that
    perked my ears was Have You Ever Seen The Rain by Jonathan

    https://music.apple.com/ca/album/have-you-ever-seen-the-rain/ 1440040455?i=1440040456


    I could only find the complete album in iTunes:


    The tunes are a mix of blues, rock, and pop. There are hints
    of Marc Cohen, Don Henley and Cat Stevens. The album is well
    worth the investment. It sits ready for replay at any time.

    The album isn't new being a 2010 release, but it's absolutely
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