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    From jack phlash@VERT/BEERS20 to paulie420 on Saturday, January 23, 2021 14:17:00
    on 23 Jan 2021, paulie420 said... pa>
    Sure, I support that maintenance that we talked about - but I do beli
    evepa> that without the person being full ready, nothing
    is effective. So,pa> really the 1st and 2nd times.. the
    y are ALL meaningful, and needed -pa> even if they are f
    rustrating to be a part of with someone who you knowpa>
    'isn't ready'...Yeah, I think a lot of them unders
    tood that quite well. Hell, one of thereasons those recoveri
    ng people would talk about this was to express howimportant
    it was for people not to give up on them despite how hopeless they
    might have seemed.j A C K p H L A S H