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    What about compiling them into books to put on Amazon?

    Amazon is a cesspool.

    You have to compete to thousands of writers and they don't help you get known at all. Then they enforce a draconian ToS on consumers. You may as well set your own store since the chance you are gathering readers from organic growth on Amazon is virtually zero.

    This is what I am finding when independent authors try Amazon.
    Amazon capitalizes on the bright-eyed eager virgins out there.
    Only once is enough. If they don't come back - they don't care.
    They will have collected their "fees" from the author. There
    will be another eager bright-eyed eager first-timer who will come

    Abebooks (originally a Canadian creation) was a pretty good
    marketing tool for independent bookshops to catalog their wares.
    But about 8 years in, they sold their souls to Amazon. Amazon
    had a similar 3rd-party way to catalog books for sale (I was on
    both platforms), but after the Abebooks acquisition, Amazon in
    turn enforced a minimum sales quota on their (Amazon) system or
    be disqualified to list. OK, that was designed to keep places
    like mine from capitalizing on the "free" way to catalog my stock
    and force us to stay with Abebooks. But I voted with my $s and
    dropped both.

    Later, Abebooks pleaded me to come back. They offered a lower
    interim rate and even 3-free months, or something like that.

    I could use Abebooks for my entire inventory if I wanted, but it
    wouldn't tie in to my POS/database very well in real-time. The
    monthly cost, the daily manual updates, and the potential to be
    rated POOR SERVICE, are not worth it.

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