• Eega (2012)

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    Hello, moviegoers! Today I am here to tell you about Eega, an Indian fantasy film in which a loser is killed by a mobster, reincarnates as a housefly, and spends the rest if his second miserable life plotting revenge.

    Doesn't it seem lovely? This movie packs the max ammount of stupidity per minute that still allows to deliver a watchable film. That is something. Therefore, let's get started with the review.

    Eega burns slowly at the begining, and I must confess the first ten minutes or so made me believe the movie was going to be an unredemeeable pile of manure. The stage is set: there is a hot girl, there is a cringeworthy loser who lover her despite the fact she keeps rejecting him, and there is the CEO of a criminal organization who also lusts for the girl. The whole thing looks every bit as a cheap romantic comedy, which is unfortunate, because I hate comedy and I despise romance. The cringeworthy loser is specially painful to bear: he comes across as an obsesive stalker who is very out of touch with reality, and you end up thinking somebody should just go and kill him and end his suffering.

    That is the point where the movie gets a level up in badassery, the mobster kills the loser, and the loser gets reborn as a housefly.

    We are then given some glimpses of how hard life can be for something as small and weak as a fly. In my opinion, this has been done twenty times already, and better, by lots of other films - for example, in A Bug's Life or Antz. The movie then switches gears as the mobster tries to get her way with the hot girl, and the fly attempts to disrupt his efforts.

    This is when the movie gets really original. The fly is weak and pathetic, and cannot harm anybody, but he soon gets good at annoying and distracting people in the worst moment possible, causing all sorts of mischief and chaos.

    By the half of the film, the plot gains yet another level in badassery when the fly causes the mobster's car to crash and, in front of the criminal's unbelieving eyes, he writes in the dust on the windshield: "I Will Kill You"

    In my opinion, this is just where the movie starts getting good, which is a bit lame because we have gone through half of it already. The fly starts getting deadly serious at this point, trying to poison the bad guy, set his bed on fire ... you get the idea. Heck, you'd think the loser had to become a fly to become a real man. Meanwhile, the mobster gets really paranoid against flies, to the point his fear starts interfering with his way to carry business. At some point you have to wonder what is more dangerous for the mobster: the revengeful fly, or the criminal's attempts to defend himself.

    By Hollywood standards, this film comes across as a cheapo: CGI is serviceable but inconsistent, and as with a lot of Indian movies, they fill a good bunch of minutes with filler songs most westerns won't care about. We want no love songs, we are here to watch a fly set a mansion ablaze with bad guys inside!

    Whether this film is worth watching depends on whether you are capable of standing all the cringe packaged in the first half. If you make it to the mid-part, it gets quite fun to watch. Heck, you could as well skip all the way to the part when the loser is reborn and you would not miss that much of the film.


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